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Elta MD Sunscreen Review

I am a firm believer in protecting yourself from the sun's harmful rays. Living in Dallas, TX, I am fully exposed to the sun about 300 days of the year. My mother just had surgery to remove a malignant mole from her face, reinforcing the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun.

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Elta MD Skincare
When it comes to sunscreen for your daily use or more active pursuits, I can definitively say that Elta MD is one of the best lines I've encountered. I initially learned about the line through the woman who "takes care of my face", if you know what I mean. She praised Elta MD saying they have effective products at a phenomenal price point.

After hearing that, I was sold. Given that their headquarters are just a stone's throw away in Carrolton, TX, I arranged a visit.

Visiting with Elta MD's Carol Bocell
Marketing manager Carol Bocell educated me about their entire range of sunscreen products.

“Our sunscreens are formulated for different lifestyles and skin types," she told me. "There’s one, really, for every lifestyle and skin type."

She's right, their selection is extensive and the products work for a variety of lifestyles. After trying the bulk of them, each of which I love, I have two favorites that have become absolute must-haves in my sunscreen regime. 

 UV Sport with SPF 50 
This is the BOMB for two reasons: 
Elta MD UV Sport with SPF 50, sunscreen
Elta MD UV Sport with SPF 50
  1. It won't drip in your eyes when you sweat. You know that feeling when you're running and crying not because of the pain of the run but because you have sunscreen running into your eyes and causing terrible pain? Yeah. Sucks. This stuff doesn't run. Promise. It's great for any sort of physical activity.
  2. It also has a cosmetically elegant finish, meaning it doesn't leave a chalky residue or make you look ghost-white like some sunscreens do. 
Watch me apply UV Sport to my hand, notice how smoothly it goes on and that it leaves no chalky residue.

I use this on my face, neck, decollete and hands when I'm outside working out, in the water, riding horses or doing other outdoor activities. It's water resistant for 80 minutes.

 UV Daily Tinted with SPF 40  

This moisturizer with sunscreen is one of their newer products that launched the beginning of March. It's a perfect daily sunscreen that has a hint of color which works for most skin tones (it comes in untinted, too). It also contains hyaluronic acid which delivers some "anti-aging benefits", according to Carol. 

UV Daily Tinted is also mild enough to be used after microdermabrasion, chemical and glycolic peels as well as laser and IPL treatments.

 Other Elta MD Options 
UV Clear with SPF 46 - ideal for people with acne, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation. This is formulated with niacinamide which is known, through clinical studies, to help reduce outbreaks, Carol told me.
UV Physical with SPF 41- this also has a bit of tint and is water resistant up to 40 minutes.
UV Lip Balm with SPF 31 -  a lip balm that ACTUALLY moisturizes.

A few of the beauty awards Elta MD has won
Elta MD also has a range of moisturizers and skincare products that work for almost any condition, including this balm my "face people" recommend after a procedure like a laser treatment or photofacial.

As far as adding their products to your sun protection routine, you can only purchase Elta MD products at dermatologists' offices or at medical spas. You can also buy them online. I have included a wide-selection below. 

Want to learn more about sunscreen? Check out Sunscreen 101.

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  2. I recently started using Elta MD and love how light it is.

  3. This is a wonderful light-weight sunscreen that protects my fair skin and doesn't make me break out. And everything makes me break out. It is wonderful alone and under makeup. Can be a bit shiny if used alone, but a dusting of powder takes care of the glow.

  4. I need this in my life. I didn't even know tinted sunscreens were a thing! I'm still completely white because I'm so diligent about wearing sunscreen, but secretly I would love to be a little darker so this seems to be a nice solution to that "problem" :)

    Sarah | bargain alerts